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Angeles City International School – Why is Education So Important?

Education provides us with knowledge about the world. It paves the way for a good career. It helps build character. It leads to enlightenment. It lays the foundation of a stronger nation. Education makes a man complete.   Schools and other educational institutes define the basic framework of education. Enrol your child this coming school [...]

Angeles City International School – Parent Tips: Summer Reading at Home

As a parent, there are a number of things you can do to encourage your child to read and to develop strong reading skills over the summer. Here are some tips to keep your child engaged in reading even in summer.     Keep your kids engaged in reading this summer. Enroll now for summer [...]

Angeles City School – Ways to Support Your Child’s Creativity

Kids are natural innovators with powerful imaginations. And creativity offers a bounty of intellectual, emotional and even health benefits. Here's how you can encourage your kids' creativity as parents.     Find out how your child can benefit and grow academically with AILA. Sign up for a free trial http://americanschoolangeles.com/the-aila-difference/

Ideas and Imagination

Many people often think of play in the form of images of young children at recess engaging in games of tag, ball, using slides, swings, and physically exploring their environments. But physical play is not the only kind of play. We often use the terms pretend play or make-believe play (the acting out of stories [...]

How to Develop Childrens Imaginations in American Schools in Angeles

One of the best ways to develop a child’s imagination is with the trip to Disneyland. However this is not an option available to most parents with their kids enrolled in an American School in Angeles City.  Fortunately there are other alternatives than a trip to the MAGIC KINGDOM. I have attempted to encourage and [...]

Angeles City Summer Day Camp

For 2015 Summer Program, Visit us Here What are your kids doing this summer? Sitting at home watching TV? AILA will be hosting it’s 2nd Summer Day Camp where we will make sure your child is having fun, learning and making new friends. Our Summer day camp is an all inclusive full 6 hour day [...]

After School Program Angeles City

Here are AILA’s After School Programs for 2012-13. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Learn English Angeles City

AILA provides ESL, or English as a second language classes for kids using the latest technology.  Our online and face to face combined program will have your child speaking American English in no time! Learn English the right way, at American International Learning Academy in Angeles City.  Contact us for information on pricing and schedules.