3rd grade american school angeles city

3rd Grade American School Angeles City

During 3rd Grade, your child will be more interested in learning and exploring new and different things. They now have completed the basics of math, reading and writing. 3rd Grade is the stage where your child will expand what they have learned in the previous levels.

Language Skills

This course provides a comprehensive sequence of lessons introducing students to composition, vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. Lessons are designed to develop comprehension, build vocabulary, and help students become more independent readers.

  • Composition—Students practice writing as a process, as they write a narrative, a report, letters, poetry, and more
  • Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics—Students learn about sentence structure, parts of speech, research skills, and more
  • Vocabulary—Provides practice in word study skills, word analysis, and reading comprehension
  • Primary Analogies—Students develop test-taking and critical thinking skills as they connect words and ideas
  • Spelling—Through weekly word lists, students learn relationships between sounds and spellings
  • Handwriting—Helps students develop their cursive handwriting skills
  • Public Speaking—Students learn and use techniques for effective oral presentations
  • Literature – Students develop literary analysis and comprehension skills.


Students learn to observe and analyze through hands-on experiments, and gain further insight into how scientists understand our world. They observe and chart the phases of the moon, determine the properties of insulators and conductors, and make a three-dimensional model of a bone. Students will explore topics such as:

  • Weather—air pressure; precipitation; clouds; humidity; fronts; forecasting
  • Vertebrates—features of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals
  • Ecosystems—climate zones; tundra, forests, desert, grasslands, freshwater, and marine ecosystems
  • Matter—phase changes; volume; mass; atoms; physical and chemical changes
  • Human Body—the musculoskeletal system; the skin
  • Energy—forms of energy; transfer of energy; conductors and insulators; renewable and non-renewable energy resources
  • Light—light as energy; the spectrum; how the eye works
  • Astronomy—phases of the moon; eclipses; the solar system; stars and constellations; the Milky Way