nursery school angeles city

Nursery School Angeles City – Ages 3 to 4

The nursery curriculum is based on the belief that children learn best through active and engaging sensory experiences. Walking, climbing, and exploring are some of the activities nursery students enjoy each day. We focus on a nursery student’s growth, self-esteem, and natural curiosity. We encourage children to develop unique skills, interests, and strengths and to explore and discover while supporting their growing independence.

The nursery age is a time when children begin to develop relationships with others and develop a lifelong love of learning. This educational approach allows lots of direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, and events. We provide endless opportunities for nursery students to learn and play in an inviting, age-appropriate, and safe environment.

At AILA nursery students develop a variety of skills, including physical, language, social-emotional, cognitive, self-help, and gross and fine motor. These skills are integrated through music, art, table toys, movement, games, puzzles, and books. A predictable yet responsive daily schedule meets the needs of children with both structure and flexibility. Although teachers attend to individual needs, the group or whole class experience is a very important aspect of our program. By continually listening, talking, and describing actions to our nursery students, we help enhance vocabulary, expand expressive language skills, develop self-esteem, and increase awareness.