American International Learning Academy is excited to announce 2015 Summer Camp.

Start date: 13 April 2015

End date:   22 May 2015


Cost:Php. 8,700.00

Week 1

 13 – 17 April, Arts and Crafts: This week will target student’s creativity and ability to follow directions.  The first day’s activity will be taught by a professional artist from Pandayan


Arts and Crafts will include, but not limited to:

Wooden house l coinbank – grader

Molding and casting – grader

Woodcraft square basket – grader

Duck tray woodcraft – grader

Lamp shade woodcraft – grader

Angry bird novelty box – preschooler

DIY sun visor – preschooler

Corn husk flower – preschooler



Week 2

 20-24 April, Science Exploration: Students will engage in a serious of science experiments, learning the reasons behind the outcomes.  This will be project based learning.


Students will make:

A sun oven and cook edible food

Toothpick bridge project

Element cube project

and more.


Week 3

 27 April – 1 May, Junior Chef’s League,  learn the essentials of culinary arts for young, aspiring chefs.   Session 1: Breakfast food.  Session 2: Sandwiches, Session 3: Pizza/Pasta, Session 4: TexMex BBQ and party food.   (4 sessions – 1 May is a holiday.

2 sessions combined.)  Chef’s hat and apron – Php. 500.00 additional cost. Payable at time of registration.


Week 4

 4- 8 May:  Taekwondo – the fastest growing sport in the world today.  Students will become physically fit, develop self-discipline, tournament expectations and have fun.  After 20 hours of instruction students will be tournament ready.  Students returning to AILA for the 2015-2016 school year will have the opportunity to part of the AILA Taekwondo Team – ready for competition.


Week 5

 11 – 15 May.  Games/Family Sports: This week will target children’s sports, recreational, small group activities and board games.  The short term goal will be to challenge the students mind with decision making skills as well as developing small and large motor skills.  Activities will be conducted via circuit training; students rotate from station to station meeting a specialist at each station to teach the activity.


The following will be introduced/taught.

Board games: Chess, checkers, foosball, hockey and others.

First aid- The basics of sports injuries.

Fishing – The basics of fishing.

Football: The basics of throwing and catching an American football (Nerf ball will be used).

Jumping: Jump rope, hopscotch, long jump, triple jump.

Archery (plastic sets).

Kite flying.

Sports painting: Great for the scheduled rainy day of the week.

Wiffleball: The art of throwing, catching, batting, running bases, and basic rules of baseball (using plastic balls and bats)


Week 6:

18 – 22 May, Dance: The Dance Conservatory will conduct a week of dance instruction.  Students will learn contemporary/modern dance.  Dance instructor(s) are professional dancers with impressive credentials.


Afternoon Instruction: Academic enrichment -Students will be challenged to improve the knowledge they already know in Math and English skills (to include reading, writing, and understanding literature).


Students will be introduced to note taking skills – Cornell method.

Students will be introduced to study skills.

Students will be introduced to time management.

Students will engage in group discussion on a variety of subjects

Students will be challenged daily to think, analyze and make decisions.

Students will be prepared for the 2015-2016 school year.


Ready to sign up? Call us at 045-183-4510